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With 45 years of experience on provision of environmental expertise and consulting services, BN Engineers has been able to establish itself in both the European and Southeast Asian markets.

To ensure the quality of its service, its team is composed of experts that include qualified engineers, scientists, and technical staff. Lastly, the organization strives to be the single source for environmental solutions.

Company setup and operational assistance
MCWM Corp. developed and operates the first Sanitary Landfill in the Philippines. To insure stable operations and a continuously technology transfer, BNE assist in the OPERATIONAL COMPANY SETUP and was contracted to assign a Director of the BN Group as President and CEO to MCWM for the first 3 years after start up.

Certifications – Accreditations – Training

In a cooperative Partnership, BNE and ECC International, Inc. offer special corporate services. ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 are only 2 samples of increasingly important Management tools for companies to verify its environmental sound operations.

Carbon Credits

It seems everybody talks nowadays about “Carbon Credits”; but what are they, where do they come from and how can YOU get them? Based on the 3rd World Conference on Climate Change, 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, 163 countries signed and ratified the “Kyoto Protocol” which (in short) declares that these countries are committed to reduce the world wide emission of “greenhouse gases”.

Environmental Help Desk

BNE is the Environmental Consultant for the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) in Sharjah. BNE advices the HFZA in all Environmental related matters and is in charge of the Environmental Evaluation for the existing and proposed Investors for the HFZ.BNE maintains an ENVIRONMENTAL HELP DESK in the Administration Building of the HFZA to be able to help and assist Investors in all Environmental related matters on the spot.